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Cossio Motor Services Inc.
  • Technicians are ASE Certified
  • A BBB Accredited business since 1/31/2004 With a Current rating of A+.
  • Recognized Emissions Repair Facility
  • Automatic Transmission
    Rebuilders Association Member
  • Uses AC Delco Parts.

Finding the right auto repair shop is not easy. To help you on with this challenge,
We have put together some information that should make it easy to choose the right shop for your needs. One of the most common auto repair shop scams, and also one of the most dishonest, is charging for work that just wasn't done at all. It's not complex, but it's still disgusting.

Cossio Motor Service
√-If you suspect a repair shop or auto mechanic has charged you for a repair that wasn't performed, the best weapon at your disposal is your mouth. You should never be afraid to ask questions, especially when it comes to your money or your safety! There are questions you can ask that will alert you to a possible no-work-performed scam.
Cossio Motor Service

√-You want to be ready for your auto repair experience. We all want to repair our own cars,
But if we need to take it to the repair shop for a professional job, we need to be prepared. Most
Shops are honest and are there to help you save money by keeping your car in top shape.
Avoid any scams, up sells, overcharging, or incompetence by keeping your eye on the ball. We could fill a barrel with auto repair advice, both good and bad, but this list is an excellent start.

  Cossio Motor Service
  1. Never authorize work to be done on your car or truck without a written estimate that states you'll
Be contacted before any work not on the original estimate is performed. The estimate should be
Specific and include both parts and labor charges, Many states require this by law.
  Cossio Motor Service
  2. Set up an appointment and take your vehicle in for something minor before you trust them with a big job.
See how they do. Are they finished when promised, did they call you when they said they would, did you
Feel comfortable? Did they answer any questions you had?
  Cossio Motor Service


3. Find a mechanic who is ASE certified. ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence, and
They take their certification seriously. If your mechanic opted to skip the ASE, this
Might reflect on their dedication to keeping you happy as a customer. There are lots of
Good mechanics out there who aren't certified by ASE, or even AAA, but why take the Chance?
Try to find a shop that has a lot of repeat customers. Customers are more likely to stay with a repair
Shop that they trust and one does a good job for them.
  Cossio Motor Service

4. Take a good look at the shop's work areas. A good mechanic will refuse to work in a pig sty.
They will keep a clean organized work area, and clean their tools and equipment on a regular
basis, usually daily. The floor will be swept (oil stains are a fact of life) and free of old
parts, peanut shells and soda cans. Don't worry about what the mechanic looks like, car repair
is not a beauty contest.
  Cossio Motor Service
  5. Ask to see what was done. Ask your mechanic to pop the hood and show you what they worked on. Were
you charged for a new part? Then ask to see it. Don't be afraid to ask to have every step pointed out
to you. After all, you're paying for it.

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